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37Games / 06-12-2016

Soldiers, it is with heavy heart that I inform you that this is one battle that Titan couldn’t win...Fusion War will be shut down in the following weeks. The decision was made due to the game not performing to the expectations that we and the developers set. It was not an easy decision, but it had to be made.

The schedule below will provide details on the shut down…

-Dec. 6th *Fusion War will no longer be available in the Google Play store & Apple App store

-Dec. 16th *Recharge Function will be disabled

-Dec. 23rd *Servers will be shutdown (this means you can no longer play the game) :(

Please follow our facebook at for the latest news on Fusion War.

A lot of time and work was put into not only the development but also the publishing of Fusion War, we sincerely hope you enjoyed playing the game. If you have some spare time, we invite you to start a new game and stop Pi Corp one more time ;)

We also hope to see you in one of our other games at


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