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Blade & Rings Feb. 4th Update Notice

37Games / 03-02-2017


Blades & Rings Feb. 4th Update Notice

All Blades & Rings servers will undergo a live, on-the-fly update today between 3:00am-3:30am (EST) on Feb. 4th to update the game to a new version and make some tweaks to optimize the game experience. After it is completed, players can restart the game to enjoy the latest content.


Time: Feb. 4th 3:00am - 3:30am

Server: All servers


1. Transcend (4th Advance)

- The 4th advance quests will be triggered when you reach Lv 350.

- You are required to activate 12 soul slots and reach Lv 370.

- You can use Soul Shards or a certain amount of EXP to transcend.

- Activating each soul slot will grant great stat bonuses.

- Get Soul Shards by killing monsters.

- Before the 4th advance, your level cap is Lv 370. (You can still accumulate EXP after reaching the level cap.)

- After the 4th advance:

(1) Your level cap will be raised. (Any accumulated EXP will be used to level up your character.)

(2) Talent system will be unlocked.

(3) No more stat points will be granted for each levelup. Instead, each levelup will grant 1 talent point.)

(4) After the 4th advance, your level will be [R]Lv 1 and you will gain a special mark for the new level.

2. Talent

- Available after the 4th advance.

- You can check your talents in the Skill - Talent interface.

- You start with 11 talent points after the 4th advance. (10 points for completing the 4th advance and 1 for reaching [R]Lv 1.)

- Each class will be divided into 2 types: (Each type contains 3 sub stats: ATK, DEF and Common)

(1) Warrior: STR and STA

(2) Archer: DEX and INT

Note: You will have to meet certain requirements before boosting each talent type. (If your main stats have met the requirements, you can boost both talent types. You can boost your main stats via the Soul Gathering system.)

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