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Blade & Rings Mar. 9th Update Notice

37Games / 09-03-2017


I. New Content

1. Raised level cap to Lv 450 ([R]Lv 80).

2. Unlocked a new map Yeires. Yeires grants T10 equipment. [R]Lv 30 is required to enter it.

3. Added a new server boss, Blade Hunter.

4. Added a new dungeon, Wailing Lair. All Lv 400+ players can enter.

5. Can now fuse eternal weapons.

- Use 1 Star Eternal Weapon x3 and Eternal Stone x5 to fuse a 2 Star Eternal Weapon.

- Kill Lv 350+ bosses for a chance to get Eternal Stones.

6. Salvage Soul

Can salvage double stat souls to get Soul EXP and Soul Shards.

II. Server Levelup

Server: All servers

Event Time: Mar. 9th - 11th 18:00 - 24:00

Details: During the event, all Lv 80+ players will gain a 2X EXP bonus when killing monsters from 18:00 to 24:00 daily. (EXP gained by killing monsters +100%. It also takes effect in offline auto-combat.)

III. Achievement System

1. Achievement system unlocks at Lv 80.

2. Achievements come in several different categories including Personal Growth, Forge Equipment, Daily Event, etc.

3. Players who meet the specific requirements and complete the achievements can obtain rewards (Requirements count only after achievement system unlocks)

4. Two sets of new attires have been added. Complete corresponding achievements to get them.

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