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Blades & Rings Mar. 27th Update Notice

37Games / 26-03-2017



Blades & Rings Mar. 27th Update Notice

Dear heroes,

All Blades & Rings servers will be down for maintenance from 3:00 to 5:00 on Mar. 27th (Monday) in order to update the game to a new 

version and optimize the game experience. Android users will need to download the in-game expansion pack to access 

the new version, while iOS players will have to update the game via the App Store. 

Actual maintenance completion time may be adjusted if necessary.


Time: Mar. 27th 3:00am - 5:00am (EDT)

Server: All servers

1. New Level Cap

- Level cap has been raised to [R]Lv 130.

- Increased the required EXP for leveling up character from Lv 451 to Lv 500.

2. New Map, Poseidon's Domain

- [R]Lv 80 is required. New map loot includes T11 equipment.

3. Polish

- Unlocks at [R]Lv 1.

- Use Onyx and Mithril to polish equipment to boost relic and gem stats correspondingly.

- Polish Relic: Polish weapon to boost stats of ATK Relic and polish armor to boost stats of HP Relic.

- Polish Gem: Polish weapon to boost stats of Ruin Stone and polish armor to boost stats of HP Emerald.

4. Ward Looks

Amazing new ward looks have been added. After unlocking new wards, advance them to grant stat bonuses and mighty skills and also switch ward looks! Switch looks and upgrade ward in the Advance interface. 

5. City Defense

- Available at Lv 200.

- 21:00 - 21:15 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

- All guild members can join.

- Protect the statue against monsters and kill monsters to win the battle.



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